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Working from home – flexible, productive and helping the carbon footprint too

Monday 17 Jun 2019

Structure your day like you would  a working one (pretend you are actually going to work), working from home means you are your own personal manager, but try to segment what you do over the course of the day, and don’t feel guilty if you take a break!

Take advantage of morning hours to plough through meaty projects without any distractions, and leave calls and virtual meetings for the afternoon, having uninterrupted time can help with higher productivity, and modern technology means you can still attend meetings albeit in a virtual way .

Find out what music motivates you for different tracks, this can help if you have been used to having  noise from an office in the background.

If you work from home, but have other members of the family around then maybe they need reminding that just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you are ‘home’, as it is easy to get distracted by things going on around you.

Put a definitive ‘finishing time’ in each day – you would if you had a train to catch, and try not to let your work life bleed into your home life – a boundary for both areas is important  

Choose a dedicated work space, this provides you with a place where you specifically ‘ work’, it might be a local coffee shop, table or chair, but you may want to create a room within your home that provides a place to work

  • It could be the extra bedroom that you don’t use, bedrooms tend to have good natural light as well as overhead lighting, and usually there is some sort of wardrobe that can be used for storage
  • If you don’t have space below, then maybe you have space above such as an attic, this can provide enough distance from the main relaxing area of the home , but can also provide an area of peace and quiet
  • Always wanted a library at home, then this may make sense to turn this area into somewhere you would want to work too.

However if you are looking for a property that already has a ready-made office then look no further than the Old Barn at Moor Park in Beckwithshaw, Harrogate, the office there is amazing – as is the rest of this lovely home, set in the beautiful location of the prestigious Moor Park.

For further details or to arrange an early viewing on this amazing property  t: 01134 676 400

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