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Sliding Doors v Bi-folding doors

Sliding Doors v Bi-folding doors

With the weather being so warm at the moment, what better than to let the outside in than invest in large glazed doors doors to provide an abundance of lovely summer...

My 2021, property predictions

My 2021, property predictions

It is hard to believe that when I was predicting the property market for 2020 a year ago, we had just left the turbulent year of 2019 which latterly had been taken over with Brexit and the General Election.
I was looking forward to 2020 and expecting a buoyant property market, and it certainly started that way until Covid-19 forced us to close our doors and adopt new ways of working whilst people in the main turned their homes into their office too.
So what do I predict will happen to the property market during 2021 – when life will hopefully re-gain some sense of normality once the Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out at pace.

Christmas Traditions around the world

Christmas Traditions around the world

Christmas 2020 is looking to be a Christmas like no other as a result of Covid-19. At David Phillip Estate Agents we have had to change some of our Christmas Traditions – the office party won’t be until Spring (we did have a lovely afternoon tea from Betty’s in the office) there’s no visiting Castle Howard to see the beautiful Christmas decorations and the tree, and the Harewood House Experience is a lot different too with its decorations too this year.
We have managed to visit RHS Harlow Carr Garden Glow though and I am looking forward to the Bolshoi Ballet Nutcracker at Everyman on Sunday!
The Christmas trees in Bramhope are looking lovely this year, and everyones seem to have gone up much earlier this year too – at home ours has been up over three weeks now!
So in the UK we are really making an effort to stick with the Christmas traditions that we are able to do – which had me wondering what other traditions might be taking place this Christmas around the world. Here are a few

Why are customer reviews so important (especially during Covid-19 lockdown)?

Why are customer reviews so important (especially during Covid-19 lockdown)?

The internet has brought all things to our fingertips from buying groceries, booking tickets and holidays.
During this time of lockdown, people will be shopping online for many of their products as well as researching future products to buy once the lockdown restriction eases. Houses, cars and holidays are likely to be on this list.
The internet though has also evolved as a place to read customer reviews, this can help people to determine the services and products they want to buy from people who have already experienced using that company, especially useful during lockdown when people are not as easily able to ‘physically see’ and buy products from shops.
With more than 90% of all customers using online reviews as part of their research at a local and national level, this shows that merely informing a potential customer of the availability of a product or service is no longer enough – consumers want to hear about first hand Customer experiences.

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