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People Sell Houses

Tuesday 09 Apr 2019

How did you end up working in property?

Having worked in Media, Estate Agents have always been some of my biggest clients, and I always enjoyed working with this sector. My partner David Phillip has been selling property in North and West Yorkshire for over 30 years. We both wanted to start an Estate Agency business that is agile, innovative and one where we are answerable to no-one but our clients. So David Phillip Estate Agents is a liberating experience and one where I can put my marketing knowledge and creativity to good use.


How is the market faring in your areas?

 All indications show the North East and particularly Yorkshire is bucking some of the negative national trends. Although currently there is a shortage of supply, there are more cash buyers who are looking for something special, either with high spec or a property requiring refurbishment. Once the Brexit uncertainty is out of the way, then the market will improve. The exciting developments and opportunities in  and around Leeds means anywhere in this area is a great place to buy, as well as having a range of properties to suit every budget.


Are there any up and coming places?

The developments taking place around Leeds /Bradford Airport, will benefit the areas of Yeadon, Cookridge and Horsforth, but with improved rail links and infrastructures, this will spread to areas further afield such as Bramhope, Adel and Pool-in Wharfedale, which is why we chose to open a business in this area. People love being part of a local community, so anywhere that has good local amenities such as independent shops and restaurants, with a good infrastructure and close to the city centre is ideal.


If you were Housing Minister what would you do and why?

Reducing the number of chains that fall through would bring huge economic benefit as well as people not investing time and emotion in chasing properties they don’t buy. The government’s role in driving change is crucial, they need to speed up the process of home buying through Proptech and blockchain technology with much more alignment. If the industry fails to make the most of technology then it will be a lost opportunity.




What are the best and worst things about working in property?

Although we have invested in some of the best technology to help the property process, it is people who sell houses and a people industry. I find it very rewarding knowing we have helped people move to the next stage of their lives.

The worst is, once the buyer and seller have agreed the slowness sets in. Having worked in the fast world of marketing and digital, I find it ludicrous that it takes so long to sell a property – we can only go as fast as the slowest party involved which is hugely frustrating – not only does a chain put the transaction at risk, but also the nerves of the buyers and sellers, the wheels of the buying process definitely need greasing! – thankfully we partner with some new and agile companies who work as quickly as the current system allows!


Where and what is your ideal home?

Currently living in a small village on the outskirts Harrogate has the benefits of open views of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside as well as close proximity to the lovely restaurants and shops in Harrogate, plus the added bonus of being only a short drive to Leeds with its great culture – perfect!


So if you are looking to buy or sell your home then call David Phillip Estate Agents t: 01134 676 400 w:  

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