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Lucky (or not) superstitions for your new home

Thursday 17 Feb 2022

With Spring around the corner, many people will be thinking of moving somewhere new, and will no doubt receive lots of good luck cards from friends and relatives –even if you are a person who believes in making your own luck there are still a few superstitions and traditions that will help  bring you good fortune.

Pick a good day to move – Aside from the hassle of moving when the weather is wet, it is believed that if you move on a sunny day, you will have more luck in your new home (check out the long-term weather forecast!) – Thursday is supposed to be the luckiest day to move and some traditions say you should move when the moon is waxing.

When you cross the threshold of your new home make sure you enter by the main door, and leave for the first time from this door too.

Leave your old broom (and its dust) behind, Feng Shui traditions say leave your past in the dust and start afresh in your new home.

Ringing a bell in your new home can ward off negativity and create a fresh vibe in the home – opening the windows and letting in the sunlight at the same time as ringing the bell helps symbolise new beginnings. Some people like to stuff fennel through the keyhole or hang it over the front door to ward off witches. Put your right foot forward when stepping into a new property and in the Philippines, new homeowners will scatter coins in the living room to bring prosperity and new luck

Light a candle or burn sage (with some nice smelling lavender) in a fireproof bowl, this is known as ‘smudging’ – this is a native American tradition that is said to cleanse your new home and remove any negativity. Burning a nice candle on your first night will also do – and help you to relax too!

According to Jewish tradition the combination of bread (which symbolises meals to come) and salt (which will fill your life with flavour) given as a gift from family and neighbours will bring you wealth, hospitality and prosperity. Sprinkle salt in each room and around every doorway upon first entering your home, this will ward off any evil spirits

Also on the tradition of food – pouring milk over rice and letting it then boil over will give the home an image of the abundance of wealth and food the inhabitants can enjoy.

Once you have moved into your home, if you are planning to hang new photos or make a start on a gallery wall, ensure you leave it until the morning. According to tradition, you should put down your hammer and nails after sunset or else you could risk waking up the tree gods!

And finally hold a housewarming party which will bring lots of fun and happiness into your home – good luck.

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