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June is National Roses Month

Friday 17 Jun 2022

June is national rose month, they have long been the symbols of love, beauty, war and politics, and if you are from Yorkshire, the lovely white rose is its symbol.

Roses come in more than 150 species across the Northern Hemisphere, but keeping them looking lovely is easier than you think.

Here is a guide to help you grow:-

  • You can purchase roses already potted in soil from your local nursery, which are ideal for novice gardeners as they establish quickly, are versatile and look lovely
  • Roses come in different forms, ranging from patio roses, shrub roses, ramblers and climbers – most need sun and heavy soil to survive although some will survive well in partial shade and poorer soil
  • Water roses regularly so that the soil stays moist but not waterlogged – always water the rose at the base of the stem – never the flowers
  • Roses should be pruned annually to promote healthy growth, encourage flowering and control the shape
  • Fertilise the roses regularly
  • Container roses can be planted at any time of year however, bare root roses can be planted from November to March
  • Some shrub roses have a good fragrance, but if you want a scented shrub rose then English roses are perfect for growing in a mixed border, large container or as a part of a rose garden
  • Many plants grow well with roses – climbing roses work well with clematis and rambling roses can be trained to grow up a tree.
  • The best time to plant roses is in Autumn when the soil is warm and the water table is at its highest. You can plant a potted rose at any time of the year and a bare-root rose from October to March.
  • Roses should be planted in a well- prepared hole with added compost to improve the soil structure and aid water retention. Back fill with soil and firm in well.
  • Pruning is essential for the overall health, vitality and appearance of roses with winter being the key time to cut back on most varieties, except rambling roses, which are pruned in summer immediately after flowering.
  • Roses can suffer from a few problems including black spot, aphids, die-back and bloom balling.

These easy steps can be followed by an amateur gardener like me, and national rose month has inspired me to head for the Garden Centre where I picked a beautiful potted ross named ‘Joie de Vivre’ – which is as the name suggests!

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