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How to keep your home safe from burglars on bonfire night

Friday 05 Nov 2021

Lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house – having good window locks can make all the difference.

Keep any valuables out of view from downstairs windows

Keep on top of the garden maintenance as bushes and shrubs can provide ideal cover for burglars

A light that comes on when someone approaches your house can be inexpensive and a good deterrent – these are also easy to install

Ensure fencing is in a good state of repair (no gaps) and that gates are locked too

Be careful if you are having building work done – scaffolding can help provide access to upstairs windows

CCtV is now becoming much more popular amongst homeowners, as well as helping identify burglars, it also acts as a deterrent. There are a wide variety of cameras to choose from including wireless, remote access and even night vision

There are now many apps that can help you turn lights on and off, draw and open  curtains   and watch CCTV footage of your home from wherever you are in the world – well worth investing in

It is a classic trick of burglars to ring the front door bell to see if anyone is in the home before sneaking around the back of the property, if you install a nest security camera, this can help you see who is there via a wifi enabled camera – and even speak to them.

When you are installing your CCTV be careful as the law states that your camera can’t point onto anyone else’s property or public land.

You can check for crime in your area by checking on the website.

These are some tips to help keep your home protected, but in the meantime enjoy the firework display in Bramhope and also the organised events around Leeds over the next few days.

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