A speed boat compared to an oil tanker

PUBLISHED: 18th Mar 2021

I read with interest a recent article in The Yorkshire Post about the five advantages Yorkshire small businesses have over big business – it is something we feel our Company totally aligns to.

For smaller companies competing with larger companies can be perceived as a daunting task – competitors may have a more established customer database, although being relevant and fresh is key and the money and capacity for solid marketing campaigns, and more offices, however, the Yorkshire Post compared the speedboat to the Oil tanker – small businesses can move faster, be more personable than the high street counterparts and connect with customers in a much more meaningful way.

So what are the 5 key advantages – these are especially relevant to Estate Agents

Be Agile

When you are a small business you can certainly be more flexible when it comes to thinking on your feet and steering past obstacles – no head office to consult,  layers of Management, or franchise owners, small business owners can make their own decisions – no sending out e-mails to various management tiers and waiting days for someone to respond.

During Covid-19, this has been key – research carried out in the first half of 2020 found that Independent shops have been ‘more agile and better at surviving the pandemic than chain stores’ – so true – small businesses can also have great technology and impressive telephony that supports what is essentially a people business when selling property.

Offer Personal touch

Customers would much rather be able to connect with a human being rather than a disembodied voice over the phone. As a small business you can add that special personal touch that a big business can’t do so easily, and … a small business never relies on a call centre – impersonal, distanced and all a bit of a ‘‘call centre roulette’’ (as I like to call it!).

Larger Estate Agents often have that one size fits all mentality, rather than focussing on the individual customer – all properties are different and therefore  customers’ should be able to have choice. At David Phillip Estate Agents we have tailored packages to suit all requirements and budgets, we get to know what our customers want and advise accordingly.

Small businesses really take the time to get to know the customer. With frequent communication and attention to detail, needs can be evaluated and solutions customised. David Phillip (whose name is above the door) carries out all the market appraisals and really gets to know what clients require, and can be reached whenever required too – our clients never talk to a call centre!

And customers agree, with a recent survey revealing ‘76% expect companies to have a good understanding of their needs and emotions’



Be different

When it comes to executing ideas quickly, everything in a small business can move faster including executing strategic plans and introducing creative solutions and new technology. Different doesn’t have to mean drastic, it might just be showing off your personality through social media – people engage with people and not faceless companies. Different can also mean disruptive – we like to think we are challenging the normal way of working.


Small businesses can focus on what they are experts in, as an Estate Agent you can be hyper local. At David Phillip Estate Agents, we really focus on the geographical area Bramhope, we know the area, the Businesses and the people, so when people ask about Bramhope, not only can they view our beautiful local video of the area, but also talk to David who has over 30 years’ experience selling houses in North and West Yorkshire. Localness is our speciality – we don’t want to appeal to a huge geographical area, what we want to be is the go-to Business in Bramhope and the local area.

You’re in control

In control of the accounts, the strategy, the marketing, and the day to day operation of the business – the complete opposite of larger operations where there are often large complex chains of demands.  We know where every penny is being spent – and think it is important that it goes to what is important to people selling their homes – the main property portals, beautiful photography, 3D virtual tours etc.

Both large and small businesses play a critical role in the economy but David Phillip Commented:-

“In the past I have worked in a large corporate environment, I find it refreshing to now make my own decisions, to take the business forward in the best way for our clients, to talk to and advise customers all day long and be answerable to no-one but them. Agility and the personal touch is key to us, for example we took a phone call on Monday for a property on Creskeld Lane in Bramhope, it was listed today with beautiful photographs and 3d virtual tour on all the property portals and we already have viewings on the property (take a look on Rightmove) – we are totally in control of how we work for our clients”

So, we liked reading the article in the Yorkshire Post, we think it made some very good points, we are passionate about our values and working in Bramhope where we are selling beautiful properties in a lovely area.

If you are looking to sell your home and would like a free market appraisal contact us w: davidphillip.co.uk  t:01134 676 400 a: 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds.

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