Attract buyers with Kerb appeal in the Spring months

PUBLISHED: 2nd Apr 2024

It will soon be Spring, and Bramhope is looking so pretty, particularly with all the flowering cherry trees – Long Meadows is about to look stunning as it does every year . Gardens are starting to look beautiful too and with lighter nights for viewings when the clocks go forward next week, if you are selling your home, it really is the ideal time for making first impressions count.

Kerb appeal is a term used to describe the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential property as viewed from the street, and, is used as an indicator of the initial appeal of the property and what potentially it could look like inside.

How the outside of your home looks can have a massive impact on what a potential buyer may think about your home as well as boosting its value and potentially securing a quicker sale – if you provide the wow factor from the outside then viewers will be excited and hopeful for the viewing inside- if you disappoint right from the offset then it will take twice as long to win people over.

How many houses may you have discounted in the past simply because you didn’t like the look of the house from the outside?

So why does it matter? The front exterior shot is the most commonly used ‘lead’ photograph on the property portals, and the one that shows up in search results. Its main job is to get people to click on your property to find out more information about the rest of the house. If the main image is not enticing then you will have a lower click through rate, and fewer potential buyers.

Kerb appeal is really important for viewings arranged by your Estate Agent, but equally as important for one that might take place on a ‘drive-by’.

Good Kerb appeal needs to be maintained for the whole time your house is on the market, not just for the initial photographs. If you use David Phillip Estate Agents to sell your home though then there is also the benefit of choosing 3d virtual tours, which means that your home needs staging properly once – which is a huge benefit.

So here are a few tips to improve your home’s Kerb appeal when you are selling:-

- Fix any tired or broken gates, not a very good impression if the viewer struggles to access the property, and whilst you are at it, repair any fence panels too.

- Your pathway is the journey to your home so keep it swept, remove any cracked paving stones and ensure borders look pretty (a well- kept exterior suggests a well- kept interior) and, if it is summer ensure you have a well-watered hanging basket on show.

- Your front door can say a lot about the inside of the property, make it a focal point, does it give a welcoming impression as well as a secure one? – is it well painted and are the door furnishings classy and polished too? Antique shops are great for discovering unusual hardware to improve the look of your door.

- Are you able to see the house number clearly, (there’s nothing worse for a viewer having to drive round and round before they can find your house for the viewing!).

- Adding a fresh coat of paint costs relatively little but will add colour and character to the entrance of your home, if your front door is uPVC, ensure it is well cleaned and make sure your door bell works too.

- Ensure your windows and paintwork look tidy and clean grubby glass panes.

- Add some extra lighting to the front door – and if you haven’t any lights, use an Estate Agent that can provide a photographic enhancement service, this can turn the darkest of doors into a light filled entrance. Always pick a pair of matching lights as symmetry is important

- If the dustbins happen to be at the front of the house then ensure they have been removed or are not overflowing to look unsightly.

- If your car is parked at the front of the house then move it for the viewing and especially for when the professional photographer is taking pictures – make it easy for the person doing the viewing to park, this will also show that the street is not overcrowded with vehicles.

- The Estate Agent is responsible for the For Sale board, but there is nothing that looks worse than when a board has blown over or is standing at an angle – ensure your agent uses a board company that has a full tracking service, so if there is anything amiss with the board, then this will ensure and immediate fix.

It is easy to increase the Kerb appeal of your property by undertaking these small improvements – a fresh attractive exterior could add as much as 10% to the value of your home, as well as helping to secure a quicker sale.

So, if you want to sell your home in North Leeds, call an Estate Agent that will not only list your house on all the main property but also help present your house in the best way too. T: 01134 676 400 w: e: a: 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds

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