How can I improve energy efficiency in my home

PUBLISHED: 9th Mar 2023

As I write this blog on March 9th, it is snowing in North Leeds and the temperature is hovering around the freezing levels, add that to the high energy bills then homeowners are still probably thinking about ways to reduce their heating costs. With relatively simple changes such as insulation, ensuring your pipes are properly lagged and using energy efficient light bulbs will not only help your chance of a good sale if you are selling your home but also reduce the cost of your energy bills whilst you are living there, which is key in the current market place.

Here are some tips on how to make your home more energy efficient

Review your EPC – this offers a guide to your home, but also provides you with areas you can improve, at David Phillip Estate Agents we use MGF Consultants for all our EPC’s, they can identify areas that will improve your properties energy efficiency.

Loft insulation – whether your home has solid walls or cavity, insulating them can improve your EPC rating and you may qualify for help with the cost too.

By replacing your boiler with a new energy efficient one you could save a few hundred pounds off your energy bill as well as reducing your home’s carbon- emissions – boilers account for as much as 60% of carbon emissions in a gas heated home – you may find that there are Government schemes often available for replacing old boilers with more energy efficient ones.

Hanging thicker curtains over windows and doors will prevent heat escaping and once the nights become longer they can make your home seem much more snug too.

Boilers are rated on a scale of A to G with A being the most energy efficient, if yours is at the lower end of the scale then investing in a new one could save you a lot of money in the long term

By purchasing an energy monitor which could cost anything from £25 to £40 (some energy companies provide this for free) the psychological effect of putting it somewhere the whole family can see it can be positive and a good reminder that you need to cut back

Use a water-saving showerhead instead of a bath is a greener option but can also save on energy and water – so double the benefit

Look for energy efficient appliances – not only can this save money, but it also means that you are living a little greener and doing a little bit more for the planet.

Fridge -freezers, tumble dryers and washing machines make up the majority of your electrical bill, but upgrading to an energy efficient appliance could significantly reduce costs. When you purchase something new make sure you look for products with the best energy rating of A+

Invest in an eco-kettle – some eco kettles can use as much as 30% less power – also when choosing appliances like TV’s and fridges, choose one that is the most energy efficient.

Making small changes, like turning off switches and unplugging things from sockets such as mobile phone chargers, televisions and light switches when you can will save significant amounts of money.

Heating and hot water controls – whilst you might be tempted to turn your heating up when the weather becomes cooler, remember that by turning your heating thermostat down by just one degree can reduce your energy bills by around 10%. Programming your thermostat to come on and off at set times in a day and only heating the areas of your home that you need are quick ways to save energy and keep the costs down

Consider solar panels – the energy is derived from the sun’s radiation. (they actually work when it is cloudy too, so don’t let the UK weather put you off) by generating some of your own heat or power, this will enable you to save money on your bills as well as being environmentally friendly. Some panels can warm water too.

Solar panels with a photovoltaic (PV) cells actually generate energy - the Energy Saving Trust thinks.

So start doing your research now you have probably started becoming more energy efficient, greener and are saving money too in the long run. Many of these changes will also make a house sale more appealing too, so on a very cold snowy day in March it may be good to do one last review before Spring.

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