Get your home Market Ready for selling in January

PUBLISHED: 13th Dec 2022

Since the Liz Truss mini-budget, it is fair to say that this has had a negative effect on the property market. The rising inflation rates which resulted in a hike in mortgage rates resulted in an unsettled market. When you add that to the increase in household and heating bills, the changes to stamp duty almost went un-noticed. October and November are two of the quietest months traditionally for new instructions.

As we have been calling people from our database, some potential buyers have commented that they may put of their property search until the New Year, and if you have decided to sell your home, research shows that January is always a busy time for people looking to move, for various reasons. You will want to choose an agent that will get you the best price in the quickest time.

Modern technology to support your sale

At David Phillip Estate Agents we have clever techniques to ensure your property reaches the biggest audience by using all the key Property Portals. We use the most modern technology to support your sale too, including 3D virtual tours, property videos and local area videos, plus effective social media campaigns.

We are confident that our professional photographer will showcase your property in the best way possible, but a little preparation on your side can make that extra difference too, and by this we don’t mean running the Hoover around the house and putting a few things under the bed!

Here are a few tips that will ensure your property is show-cased in the best way possible to encourage a quicker sale and at the best price.

Outside the property

Curb appeal – this is what a potential buyer will first see when viewing your home and therefore it is important that it is a positive one. Ensure the door is painted to a high standard with appealing hardware that can easily be seen,  steps are clean, no dead leaves and no overflowing dustbins. When you are having your photos taken, remove any vehicles from the front of the property. If your photo doesn’t have lighting outside then use the photographic enhancement service at David Phillip Estate Agents.

Wash the windows and doors – another important part of ensuring good Curb appeal.

Mow the lawn and de-weed – ensure the front garden is well kept, cut back the grass and get rid of the weeds – if your property looks good from the outside then people will want to take a look inside.

Clean the gutters – dirty gutters are a sign of a badly kept property, also clogs can result in water damage both internally and externally. Blockages and obstructions can also become a home for unwanted pests such as bees, birds and rodents.

Straighten stone slabs - these can look really unsightly and can also be dangerous.

Potted plants – these can be cheap to buy, are easy to look after and make the front of a property look much more appealing, plus they can be moved around if required.


This is particularly important especially after Christmas when you don’t have Christmas decorations hanging around. By getting rid of clutter, not only will your home appear bigger, which is an advantage when your property photos are being presented,  but it will also give the impression that the home has been well looked after.

We have a rule we follow, ‘use it, love it, bin it’ – use these early stages of home selling as an opportunity to take things to the tip, charity shop, or sell on local websites, E-Bay or Gum Tree. Not only will you make some money but also start getting rid of things in advance of removal day – and less things to move will have an impact on the overall removal cost. If you are looking for a professional de-clutterer, we recommend Clutter Therapy based in Leeds.


You have probably had some wonderful times in your current home, but when it comes to selling try to think of it as a house, not a home, after-all it soon won’t be. Try and get into this mind-set early on, ensure that the property looks great but allow viewers to use their own imagination – your taste may be completely different to theirs. Remove personal photographs and ornaments – you’ll need to pack these anyway. There is a balance between your home having too many personal items and de-personalising it, so play around with keeping some items but removing others.

Deep-clean and repairs

No one will buy a dirty house including you, so try and leave the house in the same condition as the one you would like to move into. You may have managed to live around those small repairs, but if they are easy to mend then make sure this has been sorted before any viewings take place, and if you don’t enjoy DIY then hire a professional who can do the job for you – holes in walls, creaky doors and broken shelves, don’t look appealing!

So now your house is ready to market make sure you choose the right Agent to sell your home

  • Price your home competitively but realistically
  • Use the Best Estate Agent for the job
  • Ensure your property is presented in the best way

If you are looking to sell your property in 2023, then call David Phillip FRICS - with over 30 years’ experience selling properties in North and West Yorkshire you can be sure you are using an Estate Agent with local knowledge enabled by the best technology and modern sales techniques. T:01134 676 400 w: a: 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds, LS16 9AN.

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