Essential tips for moving day (if like Boris Johnson you are moving home!)

PUBLISHED: 5th Sep 2022

Today, Liz Truss has been announced as the new Leader of the Conservative party and tomorrow she will be announced as the Prime Minister and will get the keys to Number 10, Downing Street. So not only will there be a change of occupancy in Number 10 with Boris Johnson moving out, potentially number 11 will have a change of occupant too.

Even the best of planners can find moving day a little overwhelming and exhausting, but fortunately there are ways to make that all important house move a little less stressful.

Follow our moving day tips for both buyers and sellers to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible

Keep a running list of everything you need to get done

Have you cleaned the fridge and freezer, put out the rubbish, removed all the junk from the loft and cleaned out the gunk in the shower that you have been promising yourself you would do for ages – these are things that often get pushed to one side whilst you are busy packing, but are things that can definitely be left to the last minute when you have better things to do – so start planning well ahead. Make a list, allocate a day and time, prioritise and stick to your plan!

Put kids and pet arrangements in place early in the day

The kids will be excited and the pets are likely to sense that there is something going on too, children and pets running around can complicate the day and also be a little dangerous when so much big furniture and boxes are being moved. Ensure children are with friends or relatives and that pets are the same or booked into kennels.

Schedule pick-ups or drop-off early in the morning so that you can focus on everything else that requires doing. If the children or pets are going to be around ensure you have distractions in place to keep them occupied.

Tell your friends

Ensure you have informed friends and relatives but also your current and new neighbours too to be certain there is room for any removal vans that will be parked outside the house

Pack a cool bag

Moving day requires lots of stamina and energy, it is easy to get distracted and forget to eat or drink enough. Pack a cooler with drinks, grab and go snacks with a little extra for the movers, and at the end of the day when you are all finished maybe a bottle of chilled Champagne to celebrate moving into your new home. You’ll be so glad you stocked your cooler when you start flagging midway through the afternoon.

Pack a moving essentials bag

Pack a suitcase with all those essentials that you know you will need on moving day, these can include medicines plus a first aid kit, phone chargers, toiletries. Also pack any documents you may need as well as the really important ones such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, driving licence and tax paperwork plus any valuables that may get lost in the move.

As well as your essentials moving bag prepare a first night bag too, this will include bedding, toilet paper, toiletries, hand soap and shower gel, towels for each family member and work clothes.

Ensure your phone is fully charged

You will need to co-ordinate things, with your movers, with the family, your Estate Agent and solicitors, so charge the battery fully the night before and keep the charger in your essentials bag

Leave out some cleaning supplies

Hopefully your house will have been cleaned prior to removal day, but once the furniture has been removed you may need to do some final touch ups. A broom, dustpan, sanitising wipes will all be helpful. Once the house is empty then go round one final time and you will quickly see any last minute cleaning requirements – store cleaning utensils in your car or downstairs cloaks so that they don’t end up on the removal van.

Have some change to tip your movers

If you have hired a professional moving company you will want to tip them at the end of the move – about £10-£15 per helper is sufficient – tipping movers isn’t necessarily required, but is highly appreciated!

Do one last walk through

If you do leave anything behind it may be difficult to retrieve, so check every cupboard including the very back shelves. Take a meter reading and turn off the water.

Leave feedback and reviews

Your solicitors and Estate Agent will really appreciate this, especially if they have provided a great Customer Experience. At David Phillip Estate Agents, we have a clean sweep of 5 star reviews and have won awards for our Customer Experience – reviews are always appreciated.

So… you are now ready (like Boris Johnson) for moving day – Good luck in your new home!

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