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Walk this May

Thursday 16 May 2019

  • Invite family and friends – a great way to spend time with loved ones, and you all get fitter at the same time
  • Try a walking meeting – inspire the office to get involved and #try20 today to feel energised
  • Food exclusion zone – give your taste buds a treat as well as your feet – set up a Food Exclusion Zone (FEZ), and make sure you walk at least 20 minutes when buying your lunch – North Leeds has some great local café’s and deli’s.
  • Walk to and from work – you may not be able to walk the whole way, but you may skip a bus stop or park your car 20 mins away from the office – The average Brit spends a whopping £1,000 a year on transport costs!
  • Get snap happy this Weekend – capturing moments makes walking more interesting, take your camera or ipone and snap your local park, sunset or town centre
  • Take the long cut – take the long way round for an extra 20 mins – it might become your everyday journey
  • Walk to the local shops – not decided what’s for supper – walk to the local shop and get the ingredients
  • Try the scavenger hunt – we’ll be launching this soon
  • Have  family adventures with your children, play the family I Spy game
  • Walk the kids to school – next week is walk to school week
  • Tues 21st may is happy shoesday – aim to walk to work if you can
  • Go ahead, treat yourself, May 1319 is Mental Health awareness week – the perfect time to take a walk. It may mean buying yourself something nice, but it certainly means doing something that makes you happier
  • No lunch Aldesko
  • Take a romantic Promenade
  • Take a mindful meander – take time for yourself and absorb your surroundings – sights, smells and sounds
  • Two birds, one stone – get out and about and get stuff done – walk to your local bank, grocers, deli – you’ll fell stress free and be on top of your local chores
  • Prepare for the weather – stock up on the waterproof clothing, sunscreen and keep a bottle of water in your bag – if you want to ‘refill’
  • Make someone’s day – call in and see your friends family or neighbours
  • Powerwalk to the finish
  • Share your highlights – celebrate with a 20 minutes walk with friends .

At David PhillipEstate Agents we will be trying out most of the above, I did over 10,000 steps yesterday delivering leaflets in Pool-in-Wharfedale, so not only am I supporting # try20, getting fitter, getting healthier but also spreading work about the Davidphillip brand too. 

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