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Tips to prepare your garden for Spring

Tuesday 10 Mar 2020

Order summer flowering bulbs and seeds now – on a miserable winter day, browse the internet for inspiration on which seeds and bulbs to plant and grow, these can all be ordered early for planting in early Spring.

Clean out the greenhouse so that it is ready for the cuttings and seedlings of spring. Algae, moss and grime has probably accumulated on the outside of the greenhouse over winter, wash this down to let in more light over the spring months, remember to disinfect the inside of the greenhouse too –  this is also a good time to remove any potential homes for pests that can survive in the smallest spaces over winter.

Any pots and seed trays should be washed too to help prevent diseases like ‘damping off’ from infecting any young plants you may have planted – once you have cleaned the green house, ventilate it well for a couple of days and repair any damage or broken glass panes.

This is also a good time to maintain fences, gates and trellises – check for weather damage or decay, by doing this early it will give you more time in the garden in Spring.

Once repaired, power-wash to remove dirt, moss and mildew – when this is dried fully then a couple of coats of paint stain or wood preserve will make it look much better.  

Hunt down any garden pests that may have been hibernating and take a look at the crowns of your perennials to check for snails, aphid colonies that have been sheltering over the winter months.

Install water butts and start collecting rain water – make the most of the rainy weather as well as being environmentally friendly, rainwater is the best type of water for plants as some plants don’t react well to tap water which can often be too alkaline.

If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to set up a compost area in your garden – if you don’t buy a ready-made compost bin, then build one yourself using any spare wood you may have.

Compost is all organic waste and once it has broken down your plants will thrive in the lovely rich compost.

The ideal compost needs to be a good mixture of vegetable peelings, grass clippings, paper and woody prunings – you will need to aerate this once a month by turning the compost with your garden fork.

So as we come out of the winter months and into Spring, the extra effort you take in getting your garden ready will pay dividends in the Spring months, and if you are looking to sell your home at this busy time of year, then prospective buyers will notice and appreciate the hard work you have put into the garden as well as getting the interior of your home market ready.

At David Phillip Estate Agents, we think that if someone is looking at your property, then the garden is key – especially as Bramhope has some wonderful gardens!  Not only do we provide floor plans for all our properties, but on our Premium plus package we use site maps too.

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