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Things to do to your garden in May

Tuesday 30 Apr 2019

Because of the recent spell of warm weather, now is the time to start looking to achieving a healthy lawn. Dependent on the weather, adjust your cutting height to the time of year and ensure the blade is sharp – a dull one tears grass rather than cutting it – damaged grass turns yellow and requires more nutrients and water to recover.

A few good soakings of the lawn are better than a lot of light sprinkles, and mow only the top one- third of the grass blade – deep watering helps develop deep roots. As a rule, lawns require 1 to 2 inches of water a week generally applied at 3 or 4 day intervals. Surprisingly, the best time of day to water is early morning when less water is lost to evaporation and the grass has time to dry out before nightfall. If possible re-cycle all water.

Attack weeds early so that they have less chance to develop deep root systems, go to seed or reproduce. – fertilise to jump start root development.

Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month (except in cold areas), dig out the whole area being used incorporating well-rotted garden compost or soil conditioner or improver. Great border plants include Bergonia, Geraniums and Petunias – not only do there look good in borders, but also in hanging baskets and pots.

In May there may be the slight chance of a late frost so ensure that all tender plants are protected, and May is not just about flowers, it also is the time to earth up potatoes and plant quickly any still remaining.

Open your greenhouse vents and doors on warm days

If you are looking to sell your home in May then ensure you make the most of your garden, showcasing it in its best possible light can not only ensure a quicker sale but add thousands to the sale price agreed, according to Zoopla this can be as much as £27k – it claimed that buyers are willing to pay an extra £27,109 extra for a property with a garden compared to one without, and one that looks fantastic is even better.

So if you are looking to sell your house in May, apart from following the gardening advice above,

  • Price competitively but realistically
  • Choose the best agent for the job – David Phillip has over 30 year’s experience selling properties in North and West Yorkshire!
  • Put the extra effort into presentation.

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