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Things to do on the first day of moving into your new home

Monday 11 Feb 2019

Turn on the utilities and transfer gas, water  and electricity – make sure you are getting the best deal for your utilities – have a look at the David Phillip website, we have partnered with Uswitch – they will provide you with all the best utility options.

Moving your pets into a new home can be a terrifying experience, the new surroundings can be scary and unfamiliar – bring your pet’s, blankets, boxes, food and toys in a separate box and move into a room away from noise and commotion so that they feel safe – this will reduce the possibility of your pet bolting out of the front door.

Change the locks on the doors, call a locksmith, get extra keys cut – you have no idea how many strangers may have keys to your home!

Re-direct your mail – it’s easy to do online

Set up the security system – if your new home already has an alarm fitted this will be easy to activate – if your security system uses cameras, they may be wired to work on Wi-Fi, so ensure you have established the internet – some digital doorbells also require this too.

Order a first shop online and have it delivered on moving in day – don’t forget to have food in for any friends/family helping you move – or work out where your nearest take-away is.

The first piece of furniture to set up should always be the bed, make sure you have pillows and bedding unpacked – you will be exhausted after such a hectic day – pack an overnight bag too with all your essentials.

You will probably feel pretty grimy at the end of removal day so make sure you have everything you need for the bathroom in one box – towels, soaps and lotions, plus a nice relaxing candle.

And after the removal day is over enjoy your beautiful new home and look forward to all the great experiences you will have there.

At David Phillip Estate Agents in Bramhope, North Leeds, we offer an end to end property service  – not only will we help make your move as stress free as possible, we can put you in touch with a number of people who can help, including the removal company, house cleaners and utility companies  (using Uswitch) – we can also put you in contact with mortgage advice through MAB and a choice of solicitors too – Good luck in your new home!

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