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The top 7 things I have learnt about Estate Agency in a year!

Wednesday 23 Oct 2019

  • The whole post sale process is too slow – we can only go as fast as the slowest party involved, but if there is a chain, then slowness can put the transaction at risk as well as the nerves of the buyers and sellers – the wheels of the buying process definitely need greasing. At David Phillip Estate Agents we go through the postsale process as part of our marketing packs – vendors should start thinking about this right at the beginning of the house sale, we are also investing in some clever technology to speed it up
  • The quality of some pictures on the property portals is really disappointing – I have seen photos with messy bedding, clumsily thrown throws, bathroom and cleaning clutter, pots on draining boards, plus ironing boards and extension cables in the rooms – why would an Estate Agent post photographs like this? – it only results in less viewings and therefore hinders the sale process. Good Kerb appeal attracts buyers too. At David Phillip Estate Agents we like to stage our property photographs and use a professional photographer – we can also recommend a decluttering service too.
  • Property details should be immersive and exciting not static – it is good to have traditional values, although traditional can also mean old fashioned too. In the days of modern technology property marketing  shouldn‘t just be static photos or literature. The use of 3D virtual tours that we use as well as area videos should be part of the process, working for the vendor 24/7
  • Selling a home shouldn’t be 9am – 5pm – we live in a 24/7 world – the days of having an office open from 9am to 5.30pm are long gone – people need to be able to book Market Appraisals, Valuations and view properties 24/7 in their own home – just by using Facebook properly you can book appointments and 3dVirtual tours allow for 24/7 property viewings from the comfort of your armchair. At David Phillip Estate Agents even our ‘’hiviz for sale boards can be seen 24/7
  • You don’t need a high street office to provide the best Customer Experience – in fact less than 2% of the high street premises are occupied by Estate Agents – if you have the right technology, that works for you 24/7 then that is key. However, people sell houses, and at David Phillip Estate Agents if you want to speak to us in person, then we have an office at 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope – it doesn’t look like a traditional estate agents office, but then we don’t want it to – to us it is more important that the money we save in Business rates we  pass on to our customers (with our fairer fees), invest in technology and pay to get the best staff. 
  • It’s important to use an Estate Agent with local knowledge and experience  David Phillip has been selling properties in North and West Yorkshire for over 30 years and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors – so you know that you are dealing someone who has the best qualifications. Trudy Petrow, Associate Director at David Phillip Estate Agents is well on the way to completing her NAEA examination – we think that being able to deal with credible people is key.
  • Social media is vital – getting to the biggest audience is very important, although we use all the main property portals, we also use all the key social platforms as well as Early Bird, Blogs, videos  and have a great website too

So – one year on I have learnt some key things, but more importantly, we have put into practise things that  provide our customers with the very best experience and true value for money too – take a look at our 5 star reviews

Although we have some of the best technology and modern sales techniques, ultimately it is people who sell houses.

If you are looking to sell your home then ring for a market appraisal on 01134 676 400 or take a look at our website  

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