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The Customer is at the heart of all we do

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020

I recently watched an Interview on Sky TV with Dame Sharon White the CEO of John Lewis which I found fascinating and very re-assuring in terms of the Customer Experience.

I wrote down some of her words which are those we totally believe in at David Phillip Estate Agents:-

  • Be the “leanest, simplest and fastest”
  • “follow the customer”
  • “respond rapidly to how customers are wanting to shop”
  • “trusted brand, principles and values”
  • “working in partnerships where trust is at the heart of what customers want”
  • “fair value is never going to go out of fashion” 

Time and time again she used the word customer, brand, trust and values, which made me think again about how we work for our clients.

When we set up our business in Bramhope around 2 years ago, the Customer was at the heart of everything we do, we understood that the way Estate Agency Businesses had previously worked was not the way of the future:-

  • Be lean simple and fast, you don’t need a huge office to work from, people are now more interested in working with a company that invests money into reaching a greater audience which is why we invest heavily in the main property portals, use social media effectively and have some of the best technology.
  • Simplicity is really important, Customers demand a simple and straightforward Customer Journey, so if you want to talk to David Phillip Estate Agents there is no impersonal call centre roulette. We don’t have complicated contracts in place and our rate structure is easy to understand
  • Our brand is a trusted one – David Phillip has been selling homes in North and West Yorkshire for over 30 years, he has experience and knowledge in selling properties.
  • We have strong values and principles which we stick to – these are part of our marketing and run through the DNA of our business.
  • We work with some great local companies who totally represent our brand, we wouldn’t work in Partnership with anyone who wasn’t aligned with our values.
  • Fair Value is really important, that is why we have ‘fairer fixed fees to save you money and uncertainty and to give you choice’ 
  • We listen to our customers, and respond quickly to how they want to do business with us – take a look at our 5 star reviews on All Agents, our customer talk about the things they cherish the most – good communication, our pricing model, professionalism, motivation, delivered targets, excellent service, efficiency, creativity, forward thinking and proactivity – we are proud of what they say.

So, in these times of uncertainty the Companies who will do the best will be those who are completely Customer Centric. Dame Sharon White certainly puts the customer first and so do we.

She also added that there will be a Christmas John Lewis advert this year, which is times of uncertainty is totally re-assuring.

If you are looking to sell your home – choose an Agent that puts the customer at the heart of all it does and call 01134 676 400

W:  a: 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds

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