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The benefits of living in a gated community.

Monday 03 Aug 2020

Safety and security

This is the first thing that people would say about living in a gated community. The idea of a gated home is to be in closed off and well-guarded surroundings. These usually have a fixed entrance and exit points that are either manned or have electronic security ensuring that only verified residents and their guests can enter the community. The secure entrance means that trespassers or thieves get no further than the entrance gate – CCTV offers 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercoms and so on.

Extra privacy

With no through traffic and access to the neighbourhood strictly controlled, there is a greater sense of privacy. In any gated community there is a sense that you can get on with your everyday business without outside interference. This kind of exclusivity is one of the key factors that usually attracts public figures or Leeds celebrities

Sense of community

It is easy to make friends in a gated community with people who are generally likeminded and obviously it is a safe haven for families with children. Since there are no open roads with moving traffic, children can play outdoors without any worry

No traffic or speeding vehicles

The constant bustle of noise and traffic is not something you will have to worry about, instead life in a gated community brings a wonderful sense of peace and quiet away from the usual buzz of the outside world – the only traffic generally comes from the residents


Gated communities by their very nature are exclusive, and there is a certain social status of living in such a place, the owners generally have ‘rules’ that ensure all the areas of the community are managed and well maintained, promoting a degree of uniformity in design.

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