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The benefits of having a dressing room in your home

Wednesday 04 Sep 2019

Dressing rooms have many options for design potential, and before changing a room, think carefully about your storage needs and preferences. Some people like to store clothes behind closed doors with clothing kept out of sight whilst others prefer the more open –door concept, but there are other design options to think about such as a multi-purpose centre island, as well as a surface to fold and iron clothes, shelving, extra furniture such as a sit down vanity area or dressing table.

When you are thinking about your space, how much rail v drawer space will you require, factor in shoe storage, handbags, swimwear and accessories, as these smaller items are often the most challenging to store – don’t forget make-up and jewellery storage too.

When it comes to choosing your dressing room furniture, be mindful that drawers cost more than shelves, but choose an affordable carcase, and dress it up with investment doors, handles and soft -close hinges. Mirrored doors can make a room feel much bigger. When you are thinking about hanging space, don’t forget space for long gowns too.

Think about your colour scheme and then pick out a few items of clothes or accessories to match, particularly if you are going for open shelves and hanging spaces

Picking the perfect dressing table is really important, ensure it matches the rest of the room, but then go to town on the accessories that suit your personality – having the dressing table in an area with natural light is important, and if you don’t have natural light then add some spot lighting and plenty of plug sockets.

So, if you have a guest room in the house, this is a nice room to have, but how often does it get used – putting this room to a better use as a purpose driven space is a much better idea if you don’t entertain many guests overnight.

If a fitted walk in dressing room is done well, it is a selling point for your home as well as adding value, but if you don’ have so much space, then use an alcove or use a room divider to create a dressing area.


If you are looking for a property that already has a purpose built dressing area, take a look at Parc Mont, Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds or The Old Barn, Eccup Lane, Adel that has 3 beautiful dressing areas.

For further details call David Phillip Estate Agents t: 01134 676 400 w: e:  a: 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds.


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