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How to make your garden hedgehog friendly.

13th May 2019
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  • Create a wild corner in your garden where the plants can go mad, and don’t cut back in winter as you want hedgehogs to nest there – they’ll love the insects to feed on too.
  • Make your pond safe, hedgehogs can swim, but if they can’t climb out of steepsided ponds they will drown. Create a ramp or a pile of stones so that they can climb out easily.
  • Link your garden  hedgehogs can roam between 12km each night so it is key they can access a wide range of gardens.
  • Deal with litter and netting as hedgehogs are prone to getting tangled
  • Put out food and water – meaty cat and dog food, hedgehog food and chopped, unsalted peanuts are all good
  • Stop using chemicals
  • Check before strimming to avoid horrific injuries, as a hedgehog will not run away from the sound of a mower or strimmer
  • Be careful with bonfires, as piles of wood and debris make an ideal place for hedgehogs to hibernate
  • Build a logpile – it will encourage insects and provide a nesting areas for a hedgehog particularly during hibernation.


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