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Sliding Doors v Bi-folding doors

Friday 11 Jun 2021

With the weather being so warm at the moment, what better than to let the outside in than invest in large glazed doors doors to provide an abundance of lovely summer natural light, however which do you choose, bi-folding doors or sliding doors? – here we explain the difference,

It can be a tricky decision to decide whether to go with bi-fold doors or sliding doors for your home, the decision usually comes down to individual budgets and personal style preference. Both these types of doors provide an easily accessible connection between both inside space and the outdoors, whilst also providing an abundance of natural light benefits. Because of how these differ it leads people to lean to one style over another.

Bi-fold Doors

Made up of at least 2 door leaves when bi-fold doors are opened up, they fold back up on one another concertina style. This characteristic means that they can open up an entire wall so are perfect for homeowners who are looking to create a seamless transition between rooms or between you home and patio or garden. Each door panel is attached to another by a series of hinges, with each of these running along two separate tracks (one at the bottom and one at the top), via a carriage system. The great thing about bi-folding doors is that they have the ability to really open a space up. They often come with an optional traffic door that means you get access through them easily and without having to slide all of the doors back.

A wooden bi-fold door will provide a traditional look while maximising space, on the other hand you may want to create a more modern feel which is easy with an aluminium bi-fold door or composite bi-fold door, this can offer exceptionally slim sightlines and an up-to-date look.

On the downside, frames can obstruct your view, although sightlines are getting slimmer all the time, the doors may also need to be stacked inside which could compromise.

Sliding doors as the name implies work by a sliding along a track. There are two types available:-

  • Traditional inline doors – this slides within its frame
  • Lift and slide doors – this allows for larger glass panels and offers top-level thermal performance

Unlike traditional sliding doors that simply slide a long a track, lift and slide doors work by using a handle that you simply turn to lift the door onto its rollers. This means you can be sure the door is always in the optimum position and has allowed for the development of sliding doors with larger panels.

Sliding patio doors are popular with homeowners seeking a contemporary edge to their home design and look great in any modern home extension, making the transition between the home, garden, patio area or any outdoor space seamless.

Compared to bi-fold doors, sliding doors have a few drawbacks that should be considered before making the choice between the two types of doors these include

  • They do not open fully , unless you have a design that slides into the wall – there is usually one static door panel
  • No traffic door
  • Aesthetic comprise for traditional style homes.

The difference in cost is more driven by the specification, rather than the one option being more significantly more expensive than the other. Standard sliding doors tend to be slightly less expensive as they have less moving parts.

So if you are looking to bring more outside light into your home this summer then adding  bi-folding or sliding doors could be just the thing to enhance those long summer days.

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