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Leeds has plenty of secrets up its Sleeve

23rd November 2018
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There’s probably lots you don’t know about Leeds and we at David Phillip Estate Agents would just like to list just a few unusual facts, that Leeds residents hadn’t probably heard about .

.Jelly Tots – these popular sweets were invented by a chap called Dr Brian Boffey of Horsforth, Leeds who at the time was working for Rowntrees, quite by accident in 1965. He was trying to create powdered jelly!

  • The Oldest flying Aeroplane – the Blackburn Type D, sometimes known as the Single Seat Monoplane is the oldest flying aeroplane in Britain, built at Leeds in 1912 by Robert Blackburn!
  • The Most Expensive piece of Furniture – Made in Leeds, the beautiful Harrington Commode created by Thomas Chippendale around 1770 was sold at Sotherby’s in London 240 years later for £3.8 million!
  • Cluedo – the popular family game, originally called “Murder”, was created in Leeds at the time of its invention in 1947. The name “Cluedo” originates from “Clue” and “Ludo” which is the Latin name for “I play”!
  • Sooty and Sweep – the longest running children’s programme in the UK, having been shown in various forms since 1952, was created be Harry Corbett, a native of Guiseley, for his son, Matthew, in 1948 from a stall in Blackpool. Sooty’s name originated from the soot Harry Corbett used to make the puppy’s ears and nose black!
  • Marks & Spencer – Michael Marks opened his first penny bazaar stall in Leeds Market in 1884. Having enlisted the help of Tom Spencer they then moved to a permanent spot just around the corner!
  • X-ray – Crystallography was invented by William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg at Leeds University and the father-and-son team were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1915 for their discovery!
  • Most Northern based Vineyard – The village of Leventhorpe, in England, enjoys a low-altitude, south facing site where the grapes have been grown since the early 1980’s and the wine made a few yards away!
  • First ever Commercial Railway – Leeds is home to the Middleton Colliery and has been operating the same mile-long run journey since 1758!
  • Mousetraps – these most successful designs were invented in Leeds, the patent for James Henry Atkinson’s “Little Nipper” was bought by Proctor in 1913 and still made to this day! 

If you want to hear any further secrets about Leeds, or information about property in this wonderful city then t: 01134 676 400 w:  e: or visit our office based in #Bramhope and covering #northleeds

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