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How to keep your home warm in Winter

4th December 2018
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As the Met Office issues a weather warning and I needed to scrape the ice off my car this morning, I was thinking that at this time of year there is not much you can do about the outside temperature, but there are things you can do to keep warm inside, and more importantly take advantage  of some little practical tips to stop the heat escaping and prevent burst pipes.

Get your boiler serviced - by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, if you get the boiler serviced annually then this means it will last much longer and save you money

Rugs v wooden floors – although wooden floors look lovely, heat can escape from right under your feet, so put down a rug to keep in the heat or have carpets.

Use the oven to heat the kitchen – we always close the oven door once we have done the cooking, but leave the door open and let the heat transfer into the kitchen, just remember to keep the children away from the door though.

Stop pipes freezing – cold winter weather can cause the pipes to freeze, once frozen, this can cause pipes to burst which can lead to flooding, the following are a combination of measures you can take:-

  • Keep the heat on, it doesn’t have to be set on high, but keeping it above 50 degrees f  will be helpful
  • Allow the faucet to drip – it is the pressure that is created between the faucet and the blockage that causes the pipe to burst, by allowing the faucet to be open slightly, this relieves pressure on the system – the faucet is served by both hot and cold water.
  • Keep interior doors open, pipes are often located in cabinets, by keeping the doors open the pipes can be warmed by the rest of the house also keep interior doors open too
  • Apply heating tape – this works like an electric blanket for pipes
  • Seal up cracks and holes – use spray foam insulation to fill any gaps and if possible seal on both the interior and exterior of the floor or the wall.
  • Spot winter pipes before they burst

Close the curtains – keep the heat where it should be – inside your home, lined curtains are better but you can also buy thermal curtains which are even better still.

Know your ideal temperature – when it is freezing outside it is tempting to turn the heating up inside  your home, but the main aim is to keep your thermostat somewhere between 18 degree c and 21 degree c. Smart thermostats are now available – have a look at the property we have on Sycamore Fold in Pool-in-Wharfedale, this has Hive which means that you can control your heating from your mobile or tablet which is ideal in the colder months

Underfloor heating can be a great way to keep a bathroom or kitchen warm, Meadow Garth in Bramhope is a great example of this, the underfloor heating in the kitchen provides a lovely warm room where people can congregate.

Draught proof your home – the Energy Saving Trust has found that 46% of people still need to draught-proof their window and doors. A good draught-proofing job could cost between £85 and £275 for materials and a professional installation for your home.

Top up your loft insulations – topping up your loft insulation from 120mm to 270mm could cost around £240 and save energy escaping through the roof. If you insulate your walls, this could save up to £145 a year off your energy bills (based around a typical semi-detached house).

So hopefully this has provided you with some tips to keep your home warm inside, and if you are looking to move house, then have a look at the two properties in this article on Rightmove who already have some heating features.


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