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Looking to work from home in 2020

Thursday 02 Jan 2020

So, if you are looking to change career, you may have decided that your new role involves something less office based, perhaps working from home may also be an option – this can provide lots of benefits including, less money and time spent on the daily commute, working hours that are more flexible, no office distractions, a customised environment as well as many health benefits too. 

The home environment, may be one that works well for you and the company you work for, but how do you get the most from working from home:- 

– Structure your day as you would a working one (pretend that you are actually going to work) 

– Try to segment what you do over the course of the day – and don’t feel guilty if you take a break, working from home in the right environment usually means you are more productive anyway 

– Take advantage of the morning hours – plan through meaty projects without any distractions 

– Leave calls and virtual meetings for the afternoon, having un-interrupted time can help with higher productivity. 

– If you work from home but have other members of the family around, remind them that just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean that you are at home, and try not to allow friends to drop by. 

– Make use of free or inexpensive communications technology 

– Put a definite finishing time in each day (as if you had a train to catch) 

– Choose a dedicated work space, that provides you with a place where you might specifically ‘work’ 

If you have decided that working from home is a serious possibility in 2020, then you need to ensure you have somewhere within your home that you can call your ‘office’. 

Take a look at 5, Far Row, at the end of the garden is a heated ‘garden room’ – the perfect office! Here you can feel like you are actually ‘going to work’ albeit your daily commute is one surrounded by lovely woodland and a variety of garden birds and wildlife! 

The ‘Garden Room’ is an ideal space for working, far enough away from the main house to avoid distractions, but close enough to feel at home. Far Row is located at the top of Pool Bank, Pool-in-Wharfedale, and although surrounded by woodland is close enough to all the main roads, stations into Leeds and Leeds Bradford Airport too, plus an easy drive to Otley, Harrogate and Bradford when you need to visit the office. 

Fully heated for winter, but with French doors for summer – what better place could you find to have a more productive working day? – no sound of traffic, just peace and quiet (apart from the sound of birds singing!). 

5, Far Row definitely requires an early inspection, this lovely 3 bedroom cottage has many unique features and is located in lovely setting. Marketed at £410,000 by David Phillip Estate Agents, take a look at the property on Rightmove – with 3D virtual tour and Local area video or call 01134 676 400 to arrange a viewing

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