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Looking after Garden Wildlife in hot weather!

Tuesday 20 Jul 2021

Looking after garden wildlife during this week’s heatwave

A level 3 Heat Health alert has been issued by the Met Office, and the hot weather is due to last for the next few days across the UK. We are given plenty of advice regarding what to do to keep safe and hydrated, but what about the wildlife in your garden.

Here are a few tips on keeping them safe

  • Provide enough water for animals in a bird bath or saucer of water, place a stone in the centre of this so that it will help any insects that may fall in! Water straight from the tap contains organic concentrates which can be toxic for certain animals so let the water stand for a little while in a bucket first.
  • Algae that thrives on the surface of ponds in warm weather can lead to pond-life suffocating as the water becomes de-oxygenated – keep water moving by installing a fountain or pump
  • Always keep the bird bath topped up – birds need water to bathe to keep their feathers in good condition
  • Keep bird feeders topped up, and scatter some food like soaked raisins and apples on the floor for thrushes and other animal s. when it is hot, insects such as worms tunnel right down so it is difficult for birds who usually feast on them such as robins, blackbirds hedgehogs and frogs, they need extra support
  • Hedgehogs love mealworms or canned dog food they also love garden meadows to live in
  • Provide enough shelter from the sun – logs, stone slabs rockeries and tall grass are ideal, which will also provide cover for frogs, toads and newts
  • If you have a pond that has steep sides, provide a ‘hedgehog ladder or shallow bank to allow animals to get safely to the water
  • With more nettles and wildflower varieties around this summer, butterflies are doing well and the high temperatures have enabled blue-tits to have a second chance of breeding which is great news as the number of garden birds dwindles.

So if you have a garden these small tips will help hungry and thirsty animals – take a look at our website, we have a number of properties with lovely gardens, or if you are looking to sell your home which has a great garden too, call us for a free market appraisal. T: 01134 676 400 w: visit at 86, Leeds Road, Bramhope, Leeds

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