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Leeds has been named the happiest city in the UK – and this is why

Wednesday 11 Sep 2019

The report states that the happiness of the people in Leeds is mainly down to the fact that a big emphasis is placed on our wellbeing – it is not just older people who are happy though, as student satisfaction in Leeds ranks higher than any of the other cities analysed in the study by Safestore.

Part of the survey also measured volunteering opportunities, quality of life, number of parks and outstanding Ofsted rated schools.

When we looked to open our office in North Leeds at the end of last year we wanted an area that reflected all the qualities mentioned in this survey and Bramhope was the perfect location – with an outstanding Primary school, surrounded by beautiful countryside, close to Leeds city centre as well as Leeds Bradford airport and with a great community feel and Bramhope in Bloom making the village look beautiful, it is no wonder people are so keen to live here.

Take a look at how lovely Bramhope is on our local area videos which we use to sell our properties – it is not just about static photos and literature, videos bring an area to life, and when you view this one we can understand why.

If you are looking to sell your home, and want the area promoting as well as your property then please give us a call on 01134 676 400 w: e: info@davidphillip a: 86.Leeds Road, Bramhope.

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