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How you can help your agent sell your home quicker?

Friday 26 Apr 2019

The importance of property staging is something I am really keen to stress to potential vendors, the Real Estate Staging Association says that homes which are staged before going on the market sell 73% faster on average* than their non-staged counterparts. Although we advise not to stage the personality out of your home, there are definitely some do’s and don’t to consider before you have your property photographs or 3D virtual viewings taken or prior to a viewing.

If you were to visit a show home, you wouldn’t see toys everywhere, fridge magnets, dog bowls, laundry or coats and clothing hanging around in the hall, so before a viewing ensure that everything that clutters is cleared, or even buy a storage unit to hide things away – don’t do anything to distract from the house itself.

Set the dining room with a good quality dinner service and ensure that any fruit bowls are filled and flowers are nicely placed in a prominent place

I suggested in a previous blog visiting local show homes to get some tips on things to improve and stage in your home – remember show homes have been created by professional interior designers, so definately worth looking at.

At david Phillip estate Agents, we post lots on social Media to ensure the greatest reach possible, but it always helps to do your own promotion on social media too – send the listing to your friends, family, like and share – the greater the audience the better the chance of a sale. 

Make some small upgrades to your home, don’t go overboard though as you are unlikely to get your money back and also don’t try to complete jobs that you haven’t got the skills to do – you don’t want a DIY disaster just before you are due to sell and also a major piece of DIY can cost money – don’t replace the shower – just the shower curtain and the towels!

Do lighten up your home, replace faulty lightbulbs, a lick of paint can lighten and add space and ensure all rooms have had a deep clean especially the lights, baseboards and windows. At David Phillip Estate Agents we use a professional photographer and also a photographic enhancement company to ensure the very best photographs of your home.

Amp up  the kerb appeal – this is the first thing a potential buyer will see – if it doesn’t look good a buyer won’t even consider looking at interior shots –  trim, shape and tidy up hedges and edging, remove dustbins and remove the car from outside the house whenever there is a viewing.

So, these are some tips on getting the most from your viewing, at David Phillip estate Agents in Bramhope we can help and advise on the best way to stage. We also provide 3D virtual viewings, to ensure your property is always an ‘open house’.

And remember, when you are thinking of selling your home

  • Ensure your property is competitively but realistically priced
  • Choose the best agent for the job
  • Put the extra effort into presentation.

At David Phillip Estate agents in Bramhope, you will be dealing with someone who has over 30 year’s experience selling properties in North and West Leeds. T: 01134 676 400 w:   e: in   


RealEstate Staging Association 5 Feb 2019

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