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How to save property sales

Thursday 22 Nov 2018

They say the three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving house. Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases people ever make and it’s not surprising that emotions run high in the process. People can find themselves squabbling over the smallest issues like flashing around a chimney which may only cost about £200 to repair which in the context the property’s value is “nothing”. Having sold properties across North and West Yorkshire for over 30 years, David Phillip at David Phillip Estate Agents based in Bramhope is highly experienced at keeping house sales together, after all sales falling through not only prevent people from moving forward, to their dream homes, but no sale – no estate agents fee!

There are a number of reasons why house sales can potentially fall through but with an experienced estate agent on the case these can be avoided and at the end of the day it’s down to communication and getting hold of the right facts. Probably the biggest headaches of all are caused by chains where everyone is dependent upon each other in the entire house selling and buying process. If for example a first time buyer agrees to buy a 2 bedroom terrace house, forming the bottom of chain, this will enable the vendor there to move forward and agree to buy, say a larger 3 bedroom semi-detached house and so on and it’s not uncommon for there to be as many as 5 houses in a chain! That could involve 5 deposits being arranged, 5 mortgages to sort involving 5 surveys and 6 different firms of solicitors! An experienced estate agent dealing with any of the house transactions has the capability to be able to liaise with any of the other parties involved from the various prospective buyers, their agents, their  solicitors and financial or other advisors. So that’s why it’s so important getting hold of the all the facts and being able to communicate even if someone’s away on holiday – thanks to the age of the mobile phone. Everyone will need to accept that normal life may have to take a back seat until contracts are exchanged and the sales completed.

The length of time taken over the transactions is another reason why sales could fall through. From agreeing a sale to exchanging contracts takes several weeks which could give anyone the chance to have a change of heart! An experienced agent will have a good judgement of character, have contacts within the industry whether they be other the agents involved, financial advisors and solicitors.  Delays can often be the tell tale of whether things are on track or not like a not making a mortgage application as soon as expected although in this day and age sight of proof of full funding is usually the key to accepting an offer. Little things like missing a call from your solicitor or not sending back paperwork quickly can hold up the chain causing delays as well as frustration to the other buyers and sellers. All this is why it is so important to instruct an experienced agency and you can rest assured that David Phillip and his team at David Phillip Estate Agents have that experience offering an “end to “ service, contactable on 01134 676 400 or by email and view their website


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