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How to make your garden hedgehog friendly in the Autumn/Winter months.

Monday 14 Oct 2019

  • At a time when the leaves start to fall, don’t clear them all away as hedgehogs will find a place to nest there – they’ll love the insects to feed on too.
  • Males often enter hibernation before female hedgehogs as they have had summer and late Autumn to put on weight – by the time of hibernation often 30% of their body weight is fat. As they come into hibernation their body temperatures drop to match the surroundings – this allows them to save energy but makes activity impossible
  • Make your pond safe, hedgehogs can swim, but if they can’t climb out of steepsided ponds they will drown. Create a ramp or a pile of stones so that they can climb out easily – in  the winter month it is a good idea to cover your pond with netting, but ensure it is secured well so that hedgehogs cannot get tangled.
  • Link your garden hedgehogs can roam between 1-2km each night so it is important that they can access a wide range of gardens that are safe.
  • Do not disturb hibernating hedgehog as it may cause them to stir and use up valuable energy reserves. Female hedgehogs at this time of year will have raised their babies and will he trying to regain condition and increase weight, so put out food and water – meaty cat and dog food, hedgehog food and chopped, unsalted peanuts are all good.
  • Stop using chemicals such as slug pellets and pesticides, not only will these kill off the insects that hedgehogs like to eat, but can also make the hedgehog ill
  • As you do the final grass cut/strim of the year, check for hedgehogs to avoid horrific injuries, as a hedgehog will not run away from the sound of a mower or strimmer and also at this time of year they may have gone into early hibernation,
  • Be careful with bonfires, as piles of wood and debris make an ideal place for hedgehogs to hibernate
  • Build a logpile – it will encourage insects and provide a nesting areas for a hedgehog  during hibernation.
  • Autumn is one of the key times for road casualties, this is when young hedgehogs start to disperse so please drive carefully.
  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so if you see one out in the daytime, then it4 is probably worth rescuing

In North Leeds there are beautiful gardens ideal for hedgehogs, so by following the tips above we can help them get through hibernation and the long winter.


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