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Home is where the heart is but what if your heart doesn’t know where that place should be?

Tuesday 13 Aug 2019

Here are the things you may need to consider

  • Do you want to live somewhere peaceful and rural, of do you want a ‘happening place’ with lots of life?  rural lifestyle may be idyllic to some but boring to others.
  • How quickly can you get to work, sometimes a close distance can be a tricky commute – think work life balance..
  • What are the local shops like? Are they part of national chains or privately owned, giving a real feel of ‘local community’
  • Are you looking at an area you may grow out of in a couple of years .
  • Look for areas that are becoming ‘fashionable’ – these will have a positive effect on house prices – as long as the area stays fashionable.
  • If you are looking to move to an area where lots of families live already, that is a good bet, as there are likely to be lots of facilities, support groups and areas for recreation.
  • What is the public transport like? – are you close to a station, on the local bus route or even an airport.

So, once you have considered all these things and you think you have located the perfect potential community in which you know you will feel happy and contented, make contact with a local Estate Agent.  Some really local agents such as David Phillip Estate Agents,  may have invested in videos of the area in which they operate – local videos showcase a property in a whole new way. Rather than just reading maps and literature, you can look at the landscape surrounding the area, the businesses operating there, the recreational areas, the infrastructure plus it also portrays a feeling of excitement that still pictures can’t always portray.

And, if you are selling a home, Estate Agents tend to focus on photos of a property and floorplans, generally static marketing,  but what if you could send a potential buyer a video of where they could be living and the community in which they will become involved, this will create a feeling of excitement, make the property viewing much more real. – in other words, it’s not just the property you are marketing but the area too! – although David Phillip Estate Agents do have 3d virtual tours too of properties – the total immersive experience in North Leeds.

At David Phillip Estate Agents we are delighted to be working with David Varley at Home onFilm who has created amazing videos for all the areas we cover in North Leeds, from lovely areas such as Alwoodley and Adel, to beautiful villages such as Bramhope and Harewood .

“We think that the quality of the films we are providing to our clients, really enriches the customer experience and sales outcome when buying and selling a home”, said Lesa –! it’s not just about the property but the community and lifestyle too!“

For more details contact David Phillip Estate Agents t: 01134 676 400 w: or take a look at the videos on the website and social media sites.

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