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Have you considered ‘off-grid’ living?

Friday 10 May 2019

Some of the benefits of living in this way include, freedom from utility bills, a desire to live more in tune with the environment whilst being more environmentally responsible, being your own boss and not having to work all day to pay the bills

The benefit of getting rid of unnecessary items and expenses is also a benefit too.

 Off-grid often means living in a remote or beautiful location which provides a healthier lifestyle giving the freedom to ‘opt-out’ of consumerism and achieve complete independence. To some people the fear of the unknown may not be for them, but if it’s for you, then here are a few tips.


You may consider purchasing a piece of land on which to start a small-holding and/or a new eco- friendly life.

Land may be at a premium in the UK but there are still areas to buy a parcel of land at a reasonable cost and not be overly hampered by planning restrictions – this gives you the opportunity to build your own eco-home from natural materials


Many householders in the UK have already taken their first step to off grid living by installing solar panelling. If you are looking to go further off grid then there are examples of biomass boilers, solar water heating, hi-tech batteries and ground source heat pumps that will provide an alternative source of power.

Find your own water supply

By installing large water tanks to catch rainfall produces a clean source of water, this though will need de-contaminating before consumption.

Alternatively you can use a borehole, this however will require a geographical survey, but there are companies in the UK that can survey and drill the borehole too.


When you think how much of the planets resources are used transporting food around the world then a life living off-grid food certainly has its advantages. Forget the weekly shop at the local supermarket or ordering a takeaway, providing your own food without additives, pesticides, colourings, sugars and the wrong sorts of fats can be appealing. There is something really satisfying about living off the land and eating what you grow, think of the 70’s Sit-com the Good Life and you are probably somewhere close! – it also provides you with a good form of exercise too. 


If you are in a remote location, communication is paramount – satellite communication has made things a whole lot easier to stay in touch with family and friends in the cities and it can even help you shop for essentials. Social media is a great way to share your experiences and showcase your new lifestyle.

So, if you are prepared to take on the unknown and leave behind the stresses of modern life, then living ‘off-‘grid’ may be for you, but if it isn’t and you are looking for somewhere to live in North Leeds, then one of our properties may be for you, ring to join our fresh and relevant mailing list or if you want a free valuation of your property then give us a call  t: 01134 676 400 w: e:

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