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Easy ways to improve your new home

Monday 24 Jan 2022

Easy ways to improve your new home without spending a fortune

Ok, you’ve just moved into your new home and it needs a full daunting refurbishment. Sometimes you need to spend some time in the property to see how it works for you rather than starting on the work and colour scheme immeyou’ve just moved into your new home and it needs a full daunting refurbishment. Sometimes you need to spend some time in the property to see how it works for you rather than starting on the workdiately. How you feel in a couple of months’ time and what works for you in the future may be completely different to your initial thoughts and plans.

You can though make some instant improvements before your start the hard work you had initially envisaged. Some home improvements are more urgent than others, and choose the easy fixes first. Whilst you are working on the easy changes, you can start working on the plans for when you finally decide on the ultimate work you want to undertake.

So, here are some quick wins that can improve your home immediately.

Do some painting – opt for a light colour and paint your walls, lighter colours help the space reflect the light and make the room feel more open, whilst dark colours add a more dramatic affect – just painting one wall can make a difference without a whole load of work.

Improve the natural light, install large floor to ceiling windows in the place of old ones, paint the interiors white to help improve the reflection of light and add skylights into your bathroom.

Turn one room into a main suite that you really love-  buy new bedding, an incredible mattress and a new headboard. Spend money on the décor, buy a large mirror, replace the switches and purchase a dressing table that you will enjoy using, adding a table lamp can improve the ambiance.

Change the carpets, replacing with hardwood floors can create a timeless and modern look in your home, purchasing a couple of rugs will make things more homely.

Rather than initially replacing the kitchen, painting the current units can make a big impact and add new door handles too.  Upgrade your appliances – you are probably going to replace the kitchen at some point, so buy new appliances when you move into the property – they will probably help with your utility bills too. Adding shelves to display your personal items can look great and also free up space.

Give door handles a new look, replace outdated handles with something new and modern – and paint the doors at the same time.

Update your bathroom fixtures – replace the shower nozzle, faucets, shower curtain, lights, bathmat and towel bars and splurge with nice soaps, shower gels and moisturisers. Replace the towels

Restore your front door, replace the numbers, the handle and the letterbox, and add some potted plants near the entrance to make your new home look more welcoming.

All the above are quick wins to make your new home feel more homely and more like you.

If you are thinking of selling your home, some of the suggestions can also improve the buyer appeal to encourage a quicker sale at a higher price.

If you are considering selling your home in Bramhope, Adel, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Cookridge or Otley and would like a free market appraisal with David Phillip FRICS, call now on 01134 676 400.

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