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Do you go for a real or fake tree this Christmas?

Tuesday 26 Nov 2019

Over 8 million Christmas trees will be purchased this year, so it is important to get your Christmas tree right, so at David Phillip Estate Agents here are a few tips on helping you choose

Cost – a fake tree may cost a little more than a real one bit if you use it year after year you’ll end up saving money and that cost saving over the years could be huge. We invested in a lovely Balsam Hill tree three years ago, which I will look forward to dressing again this year!

Environmental – it is no surprise that the fake tree market has boomed, with sales figures fast approaching those of real trees, but what about the environmental impact?  Real trees don’t contribute to de-forestation as you may think. Christmas tree growers tend to plant one to three trees per tree cut down, however a fake tree may have twice the carbon footprint of greenhouse gasses of a real tree that ends life in landfill. 

Convenience – when you do haul your tree from the loft, you won’t end up with pine needles all over the place or bring microscopic mould spores into the house that can set off allergic reactions in some people with a fake tree, and you won’t have to trawl around various tree grower outlets looking  for the ‘perfect’ tree and then have the hassle of transporting it home, dragging it through the hall and erecting it straight and balanced – and again think of all those pine needles! After Christmas with a fake tree there is also no hassle with having to take the real tree to the tip for landfill, simply take it up to the loft and leave it until the next year!   

Cosmetics – fake tree manufacturers have really got their act together and have improved the look of their trees so much that they can just look like the real thing – we have a silver birch from Balsam Hill – it looks so realistic and comes fitted with hundreds of sparkling white lights which not only look amazing but are put on better than anything I would have the patience to do!

Safety – fake trees are usually flame retardant which is really important for large public buildings such as hospitals, airports and stately homes. When real trees dry out though, they can become quite flammable.

However, when all things are considered, if you do find the most beautiful real tree then it can be perfect for Christmas. – and, if you are wanting to see an amazing Christmas tree, we always visit Castle Howard at Christmas!

So, if you  are looking to sell your home in the New Year, there is one final thing to consider – Rightmove traffic  doubles between Christmas Day and January so in order to get your property market ready before the Christmas decorations go up and before the January rush, take advantage of the spike in the Rightmove audience and call David Phillip Estate Agents in Bramhope now for a free market appraisal t: 01134 676 400

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