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Are you missing out on potential Buyers?

Friday 16 Aug 2019

When you are buying something, the £99.99 keeps the price under that psychological £100, however, if your agent is advising you to do the same when marketing your home, then you are missing out on potential buyers and being badly advised.

Go onto Rightmove, do a search for properties in North Leeds – if your property is valued at £499,950 for example then it will be invisible to prospective buyers looking for somewhere £500k or more, this is really crucial and potentially a large audience that you could be missing.

If your property is listed at a figure ending in 000 for example£500k then you will be seen by people looking for a property at £500k plus, but also those looking potentially from £450k to £500k, in other words potentially as much as twice the audience.

So if you are having a market appraisal completed and your agent quotes a figure ending in 950, please  question the motive, as missing out on potential buyers is not a good way to market your home!

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