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3D Virtual Viewings

Friday 18 Feb 2022
Virtual tour

At David Phillip Estate Agents we use the best technology to enhance the Customer Experience for both the vendor and the buyer. 3D virtual tours are a key part of our product offering – Take a walk around our 3D virtual tours, they are immersive, safe and can be viewed from the comfort of your armchair whenever convenient.

So, what is a 3D virtual tour?

3D Virtual tours are the most realistic, immersive, in-depth and safe way to view a property online from anywhere in the world. Providing viewers with a ‘really there’ experience and the opportunity to explore the property before a ‘physical’ second viewing. 3D virtual tours can be viewed on any device and are really easy to navigate

Benefits to the seller

  • People who are genuinely interested in the property will visit for a ‘second viewing’ after viewing the home with a 3D virtual tour.
  • Physical viewings will be undertaken only by people genuinely interested in the property, this means less people visiting your home during Covid-19
  • The property is always viewed as being ‘show-home’ ready, meaning less time is spent tidying and organising the property, which therefore becomes an always ‘open house’
  • Privacy and control is possible by only showing what you want the online viewer to see.
  • Key features and selling points can be highlighted within the 3D tour.
  • The tour can be easily shared online which means that your property can potentially reach a greater audience.

Benefits to the Buyer

  • View any property 24/7 from the comfort of your sofa
  • Have as many repeat virtual visits as you need – great for showing friends and families around the property
  • Logistical issues such as geographic boundaries and logistical challenges are removed through ‘distance viewing’
  • Physical viewings can be quicker as this is just a confirmation of what has been viewed online
  • Use the virtual tape measure online to check dimensions for your furniture or future needs
  • Save trailing round numerous properties which may not match your exact requirement – this reduces your carbon footprint too.

What does the 3D virtual tour include

  • The 3D walkthrough allows the viewer to explore the property in any direction quickly and easily
  • The stunning dolls-house brings a 2D floorplan to life
  • At David Phillip Estate Agents we use the best technology to enhance the Customer Experience for both the vendor and the buyer.Guided-showreel – this automatically takes the viewer around the 3D virtual tour
  • Hotspots – these bring context inside the showcase – fantastic for an even more immersive experience

So if you are looking for an agent that is not just about marketing your home through static photos and literature, then David Phillip Estate Agents provides you with a more modern and immersive experience. Take a walk through our stunning property at 4 St Giles Garth, Bramhope- and if you would like a second ‘in person’ viewing call 01134 676 400

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